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This post has a custom sidebar set in the post’s YAML Front Matter.

An example of how that YAML could look is:

  - title: "Title"
    image_alt: "image"
    text: "Some text here."
  - title: "Another Title"
    text: "More text here."



Brynjar Smári

Hey. I’m a newbie to github pages and jekyll, but I am liking the setup and loving your theme!

I have an image that I want to add to the sidebar, but it is a little bit too big. Is there some way I can resize the image in the sidebar YAML Front Matter without needing another copy of it in github? I know I could resize it myself if I was adding it to the body of the text, but I can’t find a way to do it in the YAML Front Matter. Thx

Michael Rose

No there isn’t a native way of doing this. The theme and Jekyll core have no ability to transform your assets.

You’ll need to manually do it, use a task runner like Gulp or Grunt, or a Jekyll plugin to resize the image for you.

Vipin Kumar

Hello Rose, Can you please add a feature for adding a custom sidebar on right hand side or let me know if it already exits or how can I implement it ? Thanks

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